Designing an antivenom in 3D

The practical Designing an antivenom in 3D is about snake venom. This venom is an enzyme which cleaves collagen (an important structural protein in human’s vital organs). First, you will learn how to use Yasara a modelling program which allows you to look at proteins in 3D. Starting with a simple practicing protein, you will look at several atomic interactions. When you’ve mastered this, you can move on to the snake venom protein. How can you disable the venom, so that it is not harmful anymore?

This module is part of a larger practical. This practical is known as the Reizend DNA-lab Bioinformatica: leven in de computer.
In this tutorial, the following subjects will be studied:

We will also provide follow-up lessons, which you can do by yourself. We will upload these on our website soon.

Required materials