Computer aided biology

Bioinformatcs research focuses on biology on a molecular level. Specific subjects are the genome and individual genes, DNA, RNA and proteins. The computer allows researchers to process and analyse enormous amounts of data.

Large amounts of data

The capacity and speed of all kinds of biological techniques have developed at an enormous rate during the last decades. As of now, a human genome can be sequenced in a few days, whereas the first genome, which was only unraveled about ten years ago, took ten years and a large international coalition of researchers. Although this is quite impressive, the actual data, which looks something like GATCTATCGATTCGATC is a bit hard to analyse. This is where the computer comes in. Comparing sequences and looking for specific patterns suddenly becomes efficient and error-proof.

Product development

Bioinformatics research can lead to the development of new products. Understanding the working of snake venom enables you to come up with an antidote and understanding the role of steroles can help you to come up with products that decrease the level of cholesterol in your blood.